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  1. ABOUT

  1. is a B2B only e-commerce website for companies in the uniforms, workwear, and promotional products’ space. We help our customers source better quality raw materials for their business, at extremely competitive prices, with minimum friction. We are pioneering many industry-first features at Fabrikaa - Check-inventory, access to marketing resources, access to credit, 1-day deliveries to name a few. We envision to lead our industry through innovation and new thinking.

  2. Changing the promotional clothing and workwear industry, one innovation at a time.



    Fabrikaa is for small business. For helping small businesses prosper, making the playing field level so the small businesses in our industry can compete with the heavyweights. That's a mission larger than all of us and the reason we get to work each day.

    Fabrikaa is a company where our customers are at the core of everything we do. Removing pain from the lives of our customers, making each touchpoint, every interaction with our customers, as frictionless as it can be- is what we strive for, each day.



    The work-wear and promotional products industry in India is deeply fragmented and the supply chain is in a bad shape. We are solving for these supply chain problems and attempting to organise the industry using technology, innovation and new thinking.